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A Way To Get Phoenix Into A Better Place

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A Way To Get  Phoenix Into A Better Place  Empty A Way To Get Phoenix Into A Better Place

Post by The Aura Cat on Tue Sep 24, 2013 11:37 am

In the past, many people have left phoenix and we though we recover, we try to ignore the reasons those people left, which would grow into more and more leaving and here are some helpful tips to dealing with this:

A. Stop letting so many people in who many people dislike, or have had problems with that person before. An example would be Youft. He annoys people and constantly gets involved in fights. He even causes many people to leave and even a whole group of people to make their own league, which many from phoenix left to join for this reason and another(explained in B.). "When there is a problem, the simple way to solve it is get rid of what causes or enters the problems the most" ~Roxas. And also don't let those fools who make their own league, but it ends up failing and they want to come back, back in. They should've realized that they signed up for an extremely complicated dedication which they could not handle, and if this gets fixed now, it will no longer continue.

B. A better power spread and leadership skills. Like the council wasn't that bad of an idea now thinking about it (Yes i can say things and then say different things later i do that semi-often) . It was made to pass around Lynn's power to those who make good judgement. Cancelling that really seemed like a good idea, but what happened in the future wasn't. And the choice to kick Youft out of the league was the best Idea they had. Look at all the shit he was involved in, but anyways, the point is, Lynn, u are one of the worst leaders of a league i have seen (no offense but i'm telling the truth without some sugar coating). True no one is perfect but when being active enough there were many who surpassed you, same with decision making. Some choices you've made really hurt this league more than it helped. The best i can say is either split your power equally amongst the E4, get a new champion, or start A new council the people who can make good choices. Those are my tips to you.

C. Respect. There have been many power abusers and haters(such as me @ Power abuser part). Like for example a previous Electric trainer was called a "attention whore" even though there are other trainers who are but they don't get into trouble or something like it . At least make things fair and right. As well as respect all those who are in/out/or any other relations to PS who can feel very offended.

That is really i all i can think of at the moment if i have anything more to say or edit i will post them in response to this message. Thanks lol.
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