New Ideals

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New Ideals

Post by Stunfisk The Great on Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:30 am

Ok, so we all know what Phoenix is going through, but in a way this feels like Tempest all over again. You may laugh just to hear it from me, but read before you say something.

So first off, we keep letting idiots back in, which includes me. I don't mind second chances, but 6, ya that's pretty ridiculous. This really should include me too, but whatever. Y is the main reason people are leaving from what we've been noticing, and he hasn't been kicked yet!? We lost 2 e4 and a good amount of gl, a lot of professors, and some frontier because of him and his annoying shit.

Second, Lynn, as much as I really like him, is inactive way too much. Yes he'll probably be on, but he's really slow to reply to people, for example people joining. Plus with about, he is a bit of a pushover, but that's just him. At least make the E4 have equal power with the champion, and make sure there aren't many similar ideals, so maybe one e4 could recruit and only that e4 or another maybe. And someone else be in charge of the site, and ect.

Now I wouldn't say I'd do a complete reset on the league, but if we CAN change, we'll be ok. Believe it from a person who started and ran leagues before and was an e4 once, I know the ups and downs, and what makes them successful or fail. But this is really serious, and something has to be done, enough said from me :/

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Re: New Ideals

Post by The Aura Cat on Sun Sep 22, 2013 1:38 am

Well honestly i really dont like Y, i mean i do understand him better than most ppl here but even though ik the semi-truth, it honestly cant be helped. I believe no one would like or believe the truth and say it would be bs. So yeah if anyone would try this again, my vote would be Y=out

And about the second part well...Lynn isnt the best champion for him not dealing with things right away as they happen or activeness but he has his own ways and such and i also believe E4 should have similar powers or at least some E4 do but whatever.
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