If you want a custom avatar...

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If you want a custom avatar...

Post by Cosy on Sat Aug 03, 2013 11:38 pm

If you would like a custom avatar, and you are apart of the league you can get one. You can either Private Message me on this forum (Click my name, then 'Contact' and then Private Message) and send me the URL to the image as well as your name on the Phoenix League server. You can also post those details here if you would prefer.


I recommend that you follow the below information for a sprite-based avatar (so a character) to ensure they look the best.

- Recommended size is approximately 80x80 as this ensures that the image looks good when someone selects your name, and none of the image is cut off in the battle screen. A little either way is okay though.
- PNG is preferred but it doesn't matter too much.
- If you are using a sprite which is of a character, I recommend a transparent background.
- Upload your image to a website such as imgur or something similar and link me that URL.

I do not edit any avatars as I do other stuff and it will take too long for me. You can use basic MS Paint to do basic edits but also Paint.net is another great, free Paint program that allows for transparency to be made (magic wand, select background and delete) and also other edits, such as resizing if your image is a bit too big.


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