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About the Server/League/Forum

Post by Cosy on Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:09 am

About the League

Description: Welcome to the mystical Regions of Celestia and Saraphia, The regions of Celestia and Saraphia were filled with wonders and mystical beings, it was once said that the birth of the very first pokemon was in the Celestia region in a small cave within Sunrise Island, in your journey through these wondrous regions you will meet and befriend many different people and come across many mystical beings, now let your adventure begin.

The website for the Phoenix League can be found by click here

The league website is made by Lynn and Dusk using Weebly.com site maker.

About the Server

The server which can be found by click here, is the server for the Phoenix League. It is an unofficial server which is hosted by Marcuz and developed and maintained by Cosy. The server is home to the members of the Phoenix League, as well as the many challengers that come to face the league. As well as general users who come to socialise and battle on the ladder.

The server was made using the sourcecode that is freely available from the creator of Pokemon Showdown, Zarel. The source code can be found here, along with the instructions to install. The Phoenix League server uses the official source code for the server as well as custom code for certain features, notably informational commands such as /about.

The server has an aimed uptime for 24/7, excluding times for updates which require a restart and may result in a short downtime to perform any maintenance or changes to the code which cannot be done whilst it is running.

About the Forum

This forum has been made using the forumation.co.uk forum builder and was made by Cosy using the league based colour scheme. The forum is accessible to any member within the league and has many areas for discussion and suggestions. It is also accessible to those who are not directly in the league, those who are challengers can discuss under the respective area. It can be used for announcements to be made and events to be highlighted.


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